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Letterman On Detroiters' Late Show Trick: Stupidest Of The Stupid

Chris Clark, 44, of Bloomfield Hills and Ken Krakat, 53, of Dearborn Heights appeared on the stupid human tricks segment of "The Late Show with David Letterman" Thursday, February 21.

Making a cotton candy toupee is certainly unique. "In the history of TV, nobody has ever put their head in a cotton candy machine ... as far as I know," said Clark.

It's not the first time the duo have been in the Ed Sullivan Theater. In 2008 they performed another stupid human trick with Krakat riding a unicycle and Clark landing an apple on a spike held in Krakat's mouth. The two met 25 years ago and are avid jugglers.

Clark, a wedding DJ, was grateful to the staff who made his experience enjoyable and fun. Letterman himself was no exception. "The thing that made it so fun was Dave leading us through it. He says just the right thing to put you at ease and get you through the trick," said Clark.

Krakat enjoyed being in the lime light. "It was a lot of fun." "They have a green room and there were some band members in there."

Not everything went perfectly. "We didn't get to meet Johnny Depp or anything," Krakat admitted.

Krakat works at Kroger in Dearborn Heights. The company fully embraces his extra-curricular activities. The company newsletter profiled the duo's 2008 appearance.

Chris Clark Ken Krakat
(credit: Chris Clark)

Their coordinated outfits where also a hit. "I like your v-neck sweaters. Those are great," commented Letterman dryly.

Letterman bestowed a great honor on the trick saying, "I think this is actually the stupidest of the stupid."

As Clark and Krakat left the stage, Letterman added, "That one guy aint right." A still shot of Krakat with his pink comb over was brought back on screen.

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