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Lesson On Golf: Rory The Quitter

By: Jeff Lesson

First of all it, is not often when Tiger Woods finishes in a four way tie for 37th that Woods is not the top story.


At the Honda Classic this past week in West Palm Beach, defending champion and world number one Rory Rory McIlroy quit midway through his round with a score of seven over par.


His original excuse as he was leaving the course (in a BMW at a Honda event where he was defending champ!) was that his mind wasn't into it.


About an hour later the excuse changed to having a toothache.

Others suspect Rory was "Uptoned" (aka dumped) by his tennis star girlfriend.


Some want to give him a pass because he is "only 23".   Poppycock!



He is the new "it" guy in a struggling sport trying to attract a younger demographic.  This obvious lack of sportsmanship only encourages those kids who admire him to act in a similar fashion.


Let's call it what it is.  Rory is soft.


He doesn't come even close to having the mental makeup of a 23 year old Tiger Woods.  Another reason why he will never come close to Tigers victory totals.


Tiger Woods has also acted in a similar fashion during the last couple seasons.  He too has walked off the course when playing poorly in the middle of a round.  However, Tiger has cited injury.


Question: Why do these so called "injuries" that cause pros to walk off the course only seem to occur when they are seven over par-and NEVER when they are seven under????


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