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Leshoure On If He Is Waiting For Trade Deadline: 'No Comment, Brother'

By Ashley Dunkak

A second round pick by the Detroit Lions in 2011, running back Mikel Leshoure wants to play. So far he has only seen time in two games this season, and the situation seems unlikely to change - unless, perhaps, he changes teams.

Leshoure played in 14 games in 2012, racking up 798 yards and nine touchdowns on 215 attempts. This season, Reggie Bush is the number one back, Joique Bell has proved to be an effective complement, and Theo Riddick brings value on special teams as well as in the running game. As a result, Leshoure has often been left off the 46-man roster on game days.

"It's my role, man," Leshoure said. "This is what it's been all year, so this is what I'm used to now."

The possibility of being traded is not one he is focusing on, he told reporters Tuesday even as the minutes to the NFL's 4 p.m. trade deadline ticked down.

"I ain't been thinking about trade deadline, none of that stuff," Leshoure said. "I don't get into the media. I don't listen to none of that stuff. This is the first time, you all coming up to me, I've even thought about this in two weeks."

Leshoure did not say he would welcome a trade, but he did not say he would dislike one either.

"I ain't really talking about that, and I don't really have anything to say about it," Leshoure said.

Whether he stays with the Lions or is shipped elsewhere, though, Leshoure wants to be on the field.

"You always want to play," Leshoure said. "You always want to contribute, so yeah, it's frustrating not to be out there."

As far as whether he was anticipating the deadline and a possibility trade to a team who could use him more, Leshoure had a less revealing answer.

"No comment, brother," Leshoure said. "You all have a good one."

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