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Lena Epstein Welcomes Kid Rock To Senate Race In Video Ad

TROY (WWJ) -- Kid Rock's competition in the Michigan Senate race is offering up an alternative to the musician should he not win the primary -- join her campaign.

Lena Epstein, who is a third-generation co-owner of Southfield-based Vesco Oil Corporation, released a new ad on Friday welcoming Kid Rock to the U.S. Senate race. In the ad, Epstein suggests Kid Rock, whose real name is Robert Ritchie, teams up with her "to take the fight directly to Debbie Stabenow."

"I might have to kick your butt in a primary first," Epstein said in the video. "(But) I say we team up. Let's travel the state together, let's talk with voters about ending sanctuary cities, creating jobs and rebuilding the American middle class with pro growth America first policies.

"While we are on the trail together, let's shoot some guns. You'll have a beer or two. I'm pregnant so I'll have sweet tea. The more people that know how important it is to defeat Debbie Stabenow the better."

Epstein announced she would be running for U.S. Senate in May. She served as the Co-Chairman of the Donald J. Trump for President campaign and regularly speaks out in favor of America First policies through local, national and international media outlets.

Ritchie, who was born and lives in Michigan, announced earlier this week that he would be running for U.S. Senate via Twitter.

Ritchie, who in the past has described himself as a Libertarian, has often expressed right-leaning views. He strongly supported Donald Trump during his 2016 presidential run, while Trump seems to have set the stage for more U.S. celebrities to seek high office.

The winner of the Republican primary between Epstein, Ritchie and Robert Young would face Stabenow, who has held the senate seat since 2000.

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