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Array Of Legislation Left Unfinished As State Lawmakers Take A Break

LANSING (WWJ) -  Ever wish you still had a nice, long summer vacation? Consider running for office.

There's some unfinished business left over in Lansing as state lawmakers head home for a month-long break.

According to WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick, left abandoned on the table was a tax cut that cleared the Michigan House. It would roll back the state income tax to 3.9 percent by the year 2018.

"Its future in the state Senate is doubtful at best as the administration is not happy with this," said Skubick.

According to Skubick, also left unresolved was a teacher retirement issue. "The House last week did pass legislation to revamp that, but the Senate Republicans left at 5 o'clock, deciding to take more time to review it when they return here on July the 18th," he said.

Skubick said a bill that would create a Detroit lighting commission got bogged down in a bitter partisan battle over who would be on the board. (More on this, here).

Lastly, legislation that would change the state's medical marijuana law has cleared the House but remains pending in a Senate committee.

Skubick said the month off allows time for lawmakers to campaign for reelection in their home district.

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