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Leading With Fear Says Dingell Of Presidential Hopeful Ted Cruz's Comments On Muslims

DEARBORN (WWJ) - President Obama joined the growing chorus Wednesday condemning Sen. Ted Cruz for calling on cops to "patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods" in the wake of the Belgian terror attacks.

Muslims gathered Wednesday evening to talk about--what they say-- is the true message of Islam and to speak out against the recent terror attacks in Brussels.

"To have the idea of someone patrolling our mosque or the places that we live -- just kind of wondering around and staring at us --24/7 kind of thing, it feels uncomfortable to know that we have to be scrutinized for how we dress or what we believe in - that kind of thing," said one Muslim woman.

Michigan Congresswoman Debbie Dingell speaking with local Muslim leaders and saying the comments by Cruz were divisive and disturbing.

"I know the people of this community, they are teachers, they are doctors," said Dingell. "Right now I'm helping a family prepare for the funeral of their son that was serving in the military and died this last week, a Muslim. We can not divide this country with fear, we have to stay united against evil."

The Symposium was hosted by the Ahmadiyya Association of Metro Detroit.

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