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Lawmakers introduce tax incentives for films made in Michigan

Lawmakers introduce tax incentives for films made in Michigan
Lawmakers introduce tax incentives for films made in Michigan 02:42

LANSING, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) - Michigan's film industry could get a boost if bipartisan bills in the Michigan House and Senate are approved. 

Lawmakers introduced the Michigan Multimedia Jobs Act this week which aims to incentivize TV shows, films and commercials made in Michigan.

"This new package of bills is really meant to produce jobs in the state of Michigan and keep them here," said State Rep. John Roth who sponsored one of the bills in the House. 

Lawmakers tell CBS News Detroit that these bills are meant to improve upon the old film incentives. 

"The problem with the old bills is that after they shot the movies, they left the state of Michigan and took money with them to produce them in other places," Roth said. "So long-term job production is what we're looking at. We want to make sure that that's very clear. We're looking at producing jobs, not promoting the state of Michigan in film. So that's going to change a little bit."

To be eligible for the incentive, companies will need to use Michigan vendors and hang onto their receipts. 

"The Multimedia Jobs Act does not cut checks. It does not create budget line items. It does not finance movie studios or bail out failed movie studios," said State Sen. Dayna Polehanki who introduced the bill in the Michigan Senate. " It is a transferable tax credit only that has to be used in Michigan, and it's only redeemable if you spend a certain amount of money using Michigan vendors and Michigan personnel." 

For creatives like Stephen McGee, an independent filmmaker based in Detroit, these incentives are wider than blockbuster films. 

"What I'm really excited about with this new incentive is that it's going to affect Michigan creatives, young ones, ones that have been here forever," he said. "In this economy, in this state, I feel like just that extra boost is going to be seen in the world over." 

An additional benefit advocates hope to see from these incentives is the retention of young people in Michigan. 

"The draw to California and other creative cities is a big thing here that young creatives talk about, McGee said. "So, when you bring in really cool shoots that are lured by film incentives, of course, that changes the game for everyone." 

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