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Laura Johnson Fights For Parental Rights

She was accused in the suspicious death of her husband, and then all charges were dropped.  Friday, Laura Johnson of Farmington Hills lost the right to keep her two children.

A Juvenile Court referee has decided the two boys should stay with their biological father. Another hearing is planned on October 12, to consider whether Johnson should be allowed visitation rights.

Speaking on Fox 2's "Let It Rip," Johnson talked about the uncertain future with her children.

"They may not even give me parenting time, unless I go through a psychological [evaluation}. Hello! I've been fine -- I've been totally fine. There is nothing wrong with me,"  Johnson said, fighting back tears.

Johnson said she does not have mental problems.

"I had a small breakdown five years ago -- who doesn't? Everybody, in life, has a quote-unquote a midlife crisis -- it happens. I have lost everything. My business has been stolen -- I had over $250,000 of my own money into it. My dog has been taken from me; my children have been taken from me; and, most importantly, my husband's gone," she said.

Johnson again insisted that she did not kill her husband, saying that that is a horrible thing to assume.

Johnson was accused of killing her attorney-husband Lloyd and practicing medicine without a license after police found surgical instruments, bloody bedding and human tissue in their home.

WWJ & Fox 2 legal analyst Charlie Langton was in the courtroom Friday, and says a guardian appointed by the court had a recommendation on visitation.

"That person visited the kids, talked to the kids, visited the house where the kids would be staying, talked to the father  and concluded that it would no be in the kids' best interest id Laura Johnson even saw the kids," Langton said.

Langton says there are a number of allegations against Johnson, including abuse and leaving the boys in her car this summer.

WWJ spoke Thursday with Oakland County Prosecutor, Jessica Cooper, who said her office may have dropped murder and other charges against Johnson, but investigators have not dropped the investigation and search for evidence. (More on this).

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