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Large Protest Crowds At Airport Creating Travel Back-Ups

DETROIT (WWJ) - A steady steam of protesters mixed with routine travelers making for a long lines of car traffic trying to enter airport grounds Sunday.

Thousands of people gathering at Detroit Metro Airport rallying against a recent presidential executive order banning travel of Muslims from certain countries into the U.S. are making the travel experience more challenging.

Fatima Salman co-organizer Michigan Muslim Community Council says this ban will negatively affect thousand of families in the state.

"The stay was granted for those people only in transit, so this still doesn't - it's not a permanent stay first of all, it's a temporary stay, for those in transit --so anybody that's still trying to travel - they still can't come through and I don't know if it's been told the White House overruled the federal stay - late last night, early this morning," says Salman.

Trump signed an executive order Friday setting "new vetting measures" to keep "radical Islamic terrorists" out of the United States.

The order indefinitely stopped Syrian refugee and immigrant entry into the U.S., suspended all refugee entry for four months and suspended refugee admissions for three months from countries with terror concerns, naming majority-Muslim nations including Iraq, Syria and Iran. The new president and his supporters say his measures are needed to strengthen national security.

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