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Kwame Kilpatrick's Son Tweets Picture Of His Dad Behind Bars, Says He'll 'See Him Soon'

DETROIT (CBS Detroit) Disgraced former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has decades left behind bars.

But he's apparently staying in the lives of his sons.

Kilpatrick's son Jalil, an athlete who lives with his mother and two other brothers in Arlington, Texas, Tweeted a birthday message to his dad, with a hashtag #FreeKMK.

Attached is a rare photo of a smiling Kilpatrick behind bars.

The elder Kilpatrick was convicted in March, 2013, of a sweeping scheme to enrich himself and his friends through fixed contracts, bribes and kickbacks. He remains behind bars, serving out his 28 year sentence.

Other than confessing to lying under oath about an affair with former Chief of Staff Christine Beatty, he has repeatedly denied any legal wrongdoing. His wife Carlita Kilpatrick, who was not charged with any crimes, was allegedly fired from her job last year at a municipal recreation center in Texas after money was found in her office drawer.

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