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Kroger Transforms Ohio Store to Online Only

Cincinnati, Ohio - As people are being cautious about COVID-19, Kroger announced a pilot program that transforms a Cincinnati-area Kroger to online order pickup only. In an article by Supermarketnews, Kroger launched the store Wednesday.

The concept is simple to many Kroger customers, they just open their Kroger app and select what they would like, and then select the Kroger in Mount Carmel, OH as their pickup location. Then they pick their groceries up at a time between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Credit: | Hayden Stirling - Many shoppers across the country are opting for alternative methods to getting groceries and supplies.

This change allows Kroger to test and streamline this online ordering-only store concept, and address Coronovirus concerns:

  • More employees can concentrate on stock shelves and orders.
  • The people on checkouts can be pulled to stocking and serving customers outside.
  • By limiting the public walking into the store, the employees and the food are less susceptible to COVID-19 virus contamination.

The report says the pharmacy will remain open so customers can talk to the staff and pharmacists. Kroger said they are trying this because of rising demand, as customers seeking alternative ways to shop amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. Especially seniors who are among the most at-risk.

Because of the demand right now, Kroger officials do say they may encounter some items that are not available and increased wait times.

This pilot program is at this Ohio area location only so far, and other Krogers across the nation are still offering in-store and online parking lot pickup.

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