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Knight And Monroe Questionable In Matt Dery's Five Pistons Questions

By Matt Dery

Q: Why are the Pistons 9-22?

A: There are a lot of factors that contribute to the team's rough start. As I have said many times before, the team is not talented enough yet to compete for a playoff spot. The NBA is about players and the Pistons do not have enough good players to get over the hump some nights. I also think that Greg Monroe and Brandon Knight have to take better care of the ball. These are two of the team's three building blocks for the future and they both get very careless with the ball in too many spots in games. Both guys are in the top 15 in the NBA in turnovers per game, but also remember how young they are. They'll get better.

Q: After his 31 point outing in Atlanta the other night, should Will Bynum play more?

A: I don't know. I'm not sure because there are about four or five different Will Bynums. Some nights he comes out and runs the offense and is aggressive and helps the team and other times he goes all TWBE (The Will Bynum Experience) and plays one on five and hurts the club. I thought Will had a very good pre-season and really showed signs of doing what the coaches were asking of him. He was brutal to open the season and then was benched; now he is getting another opportunity. Remember, Bynum will be 30 next week. We are not talking about some young 20 year old who needs to learn the point guard position.

Q: Should Andre Drummond start tonight against Miami?

A: I think we are getting close to seeing more of Drummond from a minutes perspective. Andre continues to flourish with more opportunities, but does make a ton of rookie mistakes, both at practice and in the games. That is ok. He is 19! I love the kid. I think he is going to be a GREAT big man in this league and there are nights that he is the best player on the floor for the Pistons. Keep this in mind too: Drummond works better right now with Rodney Stuckey
and Will Bynum than he does with Brandon Knight.

Q: What did you think of Lawrence Frank benching his starters for the entire fourth quarter and both overtimes the other night in Atlanta?

A: I liked it. The second group got them back in the game and deserved to play. That unit has played very well together recently, and while it has its weaknesses, that five has played very hard and has brought energy. I had no problem with it.

Q: Are the Pistons interested in DeMarcus Cousins if Sacramento decides to trade him?

A: I think they are, yes. Joe Dumars has always liked the big kid out of Kentucky. He really wanted him on draft night in 2010. They bonded during the summer leading up to the draft and had numerous conversations. Cousins is extremely talented, but obviously has some
serious issues upstairs. Remember, Joe D played a part in assisting to calm Dennis Rodman down as a player and helped resurrect Rasheed Wallace's career. There is a fit here.

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