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Kettering Offers Fixed Tuition Guarantee For 10 Semesters

FLINT -- Kettering University will offer a fixed-tuition guarantee for all undergraduate students beginning in 2012-13, becoming the first Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) university in Michigan and one of only a handful in the nation to offer the cost-saving guarantee.

Kettering has also eliminated all academically related fees in its all-inclusive tuition package.

The move makes Kettering University a national leader in containing higher education costs in the delivery of a world-class engineering, science, mathematics and technical education.

Kettering President Robert K. McMahan announced the trend-setting change Tuesday, March 13.  "I am delighted to confirm that the Board of Trustees has approved our recommendation for a fixed-rate tuition plan that also eliminates all academically related fees, like the thesis fee – for all full-time undergraduate students," Dr. McMahan said.

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For current undergraduate students, the fixed rate applies for full-time study in each remaining term to graduation. For new students enrolling in 2012-13, the fixed rate will apply for up to 10 successive academic terms of full-time study.

"Kettering has taken away the guesswork and removed the risk of preparing for future college costs," McMahan said.  "Families have been asking for pricing stability and predictably and Kettering is pleased to be among the first to guarantee it."

Kettering now joins a prestigious and growing group of forward-thinking colleges and universities intentionally helping families plan and prepare for college expenses, McMahan continued.

"In fact, Kettering will be the only university in Michigan and among only a few in the nation that provides a STEM education to offer this extraordinary fixed-tuition guarantee," he said.

The fixed-tuition guarantee positions Kettering as a national leader among STEM universities in both curbing costs and increasing the number of students preparing for high-paying positions in STEM fields.

"One of our jobs as educators is to increase the number of highly capable students in the STEM pipeline," McMahan said. "It is profoundly important to our nation and to our competitive success in the global economy that we do so. The average college tuition bill increased over 8 percent last year. Kettering is now offering a complete picture of tuition costs to our students, instead of a year-by-year peek at the increasing costs of higher education."

Kettering University is a nationally ranked STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and Business university and a national leader in combining a rigorous academic environment with rich opportunities for experiential learning and cooperative education.

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