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Kelly Stafford Once Again Defends Her Husband On Instagram [PHOTO]

By: Evan Jankens

I guess the definition of true love is always having your significant other's back.

That's exactly what Kelly Stafford has shown time and time again with her husband and Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford.

In the past she has stuck up for him on Instagram, and most recently she posted a photo of their text exchange blasting the refs.

Monday afternoon wasn't any different as she once again went on the social media site to defend her husband.

Never once did his confidence flee from him, he knows who he is, what he is capable of.. Even when many, most, outside of that locker room are saying he is incapable.

Does this bother you that she keeps weighing in on his behalf? As a grown man, shouldn't he be speaking for himself?

She seems to be directly addressing the rumors that Stafford's teammates have lost respect for him.

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