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Kelly Stafford Critical Of Anthem Protesters: Let's Stand United

By @GeorgeJFox

The outspoken wife of Lions QB Matthew Stafford posted a photo of the United States flag to Instagram Wednesday morning with a quote from Mitch Albom and a call for unity among Americans.

Along with sharing adorable pics of her and Matthew's newborn twins, Kelly Stafford has used Instagram to defend her husband from angry fans as well as sell extra tickets to Lions games.

The comments from Kelly Stafford come at a time when the NFL season is starting up along with national anthem protests by players. Detroit musician Kid Rock has made it clear his opposition to current free agent Colin Kaepernick who brought the protests to the nations attention by kneeling during the anthem.

Her caption reads,

I've been hesitant to talk about this, as I know I will get backlash from it.. but I believe we can stand and show our unity against everything that doesn't represent what this flag stands for. Let's stand united against terrorists, against racism, against white supremacists, against killing of cops, against police brutality, against sex slave trafficking.. against anything that is not the ideal for this country.

Let's unite in the fact that God made us all unique and different and that is something we should cherish. You can disagree with me and that is totally ok.. let's use this forum to discuss (not yell at each other) and listen to one another.

Reaction has been a mix of support and criticism among the comments on Instagram.

brittneywest23 wrote, "Well said! God Bless the USA!"

ava4jesus12 wrote, "The people that are agreeing with this post are people who have never been discriminate against based on their race."

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