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Keep It Sharp: Feed Your Brain

Pat Sweeting Reporting

Although many people add vitamin and mineral supplements to their diets as a way to boost brain health as they age, there are certain foods that'll get those brain cells going, too.

Foods containing caffeine, for example, increase brain activity. Foods with sugar may enhance memory. But, we're advised to pay close attention to how much we consume. Too much caffeine can make you jittery. Too much sugar can actually work against you by impairing memory and adding fat. This reminder is particularly important for anyone diagnosed with diabetes.

Foods like fish that contain Omega-3 fatty acids are great brain food and offer other potential benefits -- slowing age-related mental decline and risk of stroke.

If you like nuts and or dark chocolate, rejoice. Both are said to be good sources of anti-oxidant rich vitamin-E which also helps slow mental decline. But, this isn't a green light to pig-out; an ounce a day of each is all that's recommended.

For more brain-food tips, click on and search for "brain foods."

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