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'A Lot Of Relationships Develop That You Weren't Expecting': Katherine Moennig & Leisha Hailey On Season 2 Of ' The L Word: Generation Q'

(CBS Local)-- "The L Word: Generation Q" returns to Showtime for season two on Sunday, August 8 at 10pm EST/PST and that means that fans will get to see Katherine Moennig, Leisha Hailey and the rest of the crew back together again. The original series "The L Word" made its debut in 2004 and ran for six seasons on Showtime and the new iteration of the series made its debut in 2019, which was 10 years after the final episode of the original series aired.

CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith caught up with Moennig and Hailey to discuss what fans can expect in season two, the roads for their characters Shane and Alice, the longevity of this series and why it has impacted millions of people around the world in the LGBTQ+ community.

"Specifically for my character, you'll need some patience, because where she begins and where she ends are very different places," said Moennig. "It takes a very slow burn to get there and I think she is approaching things a bit slower and more deliberately than she normally does. She is trying to fix her past mistakes and she is not trying to repeat them, which was refreshing to do."

"You are going to see a lot of relationships develop that you weren't expecting," said Hailey. "You are going to see some relationships end that you weren't expecting. It has that rich, juicy soapy quality that we all love about this show. Personally for my character, Alice writes a book this season and it forces her to uncover some things that were buried for a long time and that she didn't really want to deal with. She probably didn't even know that she wasn't dealing with it and with writing this book she starts to do that."

Moennig and Hailey can still remember what it was like when "The L Word" first came out in 2004. It was the first of its kind and paved the way for a lot of different series that have come out in the years since. Both of the actors are blown away by how powerful the impact of the series has been for all of these years, whether they were on the air or not.

"It's wild to think in 2021 that this began in 2002 and I never would've guessed that I would've had this long trajectory with this one and within the series itself," said Moennig. "

"The job of this show has changed so much," said Hailey. "We broke down so many barriers and we were the first of its kind as far as representing our community. Gay characters were so rare in television back then, let alone a show that was completely focused on a group of queer women from Los Angeles. It was unheard of. Now, it's about all of the changes that have happened in our community and culturally in those 10 years we were off the air. Coming back, we wanted to make sure we were representing everyone correctly. The subtleties of showing these characters living in their daily lives... we find that to be a political statement. You don't always have to step on a soapbox to say it, you can just show people."

Catch up on season one of "The L Word: Generation Q" right now on the Showtime app.

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