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Karsch And Anderson Top Ten 2-7-11

What happened to the ramparts line in Christina Aguilera's national anthem?
10. Where did the ramparts go, Cameron Diaz was seen feeding them by hand to A-Rod.....puke.....Scott in Troy
9. Ted Nugent shot the ramparts. Harold
8. Brett Favre sent the ramparts to Jen Sturger. Kevin A
7. Where they spend most of their time, in between Tila Tequila's legs. Steve in Birmingham
6. Matt Millen drafted the ramparts and they never developed into Super Bowl National Anthem lyric caliber words. Kirk in Livonia
5. The ramparts didn't have a cba so it was locked out...UNT
4. The ramparts were destroyed in the fire that burns inside of Rodney Stuckey. Brian Ferndale
3. Where did the ramparts go: it went to go break up the fight between Phil Simms and Desmond Howard
2. The ramparts were deemed unsafe and holders were refunded three times face value of the ramparts. Bob
1. What happened to the Ramparts? They caught a glimpse of Al Davis and ran like hell fearing a Zombie attack. Karl


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