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Karsch And Anderson Top Ten 1-13-11

Ways to update Ghostbusters 3...
10. The ghostbusters theme song will be peformed by Ray Parker the III. UNT
9. How to update ghostbusters. Replace slimer with snookie
8. How to update ghost busters? Upgrade the ghost zappers with rechargeable lithium ion batteries. -shane
7. How will they update Ghostbusters 3?They will replace the Gatekeeper with IPod keeper.
6. The ghostbusters are still in Brooklyn and have found that they need to side with ghosts because the rent
is too damn high! Jmusic-Canton
5. Ways to update it: the character Winston will be played by Kurt Warner. BP
4. Ghostbusters 2011 will have Verizon and AT@T offer the Proton Pack so we finally cross the streams..Ben Ann Arbor
3. Plot of new ghostbusters: they will be Trying to capture the ghost that burns inside Rodney stuckey. -
the disco spider
2. The ghostbusters will be chasing a giant meth monster that was created by a mobile meth lab explosion along with Bill Murray's love intrest ...... brett favres sister
2. Ghostbuster's 3-playing the role of the State Puff marshmallow man, Klohe Kardashian....chris in a sewer truck
1. How to update ghostbusters.... The song has been changed to: who ya gonna call, text, facebook, skype,
tweet and instant feedback? Ghostbusters!. Matt, Warren

Take a listen to what some of the callers had to say about ways to update the Ghostbusters.


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