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Judge Won't Block Longer Work Days For Detroit Cops

DETROIT (WWJ) - A judge has said no to a Detroit Police Officers Association request that would bar mandatory longer work days.

Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Kathryn MacDonald has sided with city and state leaders who had opposed an injunction that would have blocked a move 12-hour days for Detroit cops.

Assistant Attorney General Michael Murphy said it was their position that the public interest would not have been served by an injunction and the judge apparently agreed.

DPOA Attorney Donato Iorio said the union will continue to fight the extended work days.

"The fact that the court completely disregarded the Constitution, the facts, the evidence and the law -- that's disappointing as well because it basically sends a message that the city is above the law," he said.

Officer Linda Broden, a Sergeant at arms with the DOPA, called the court's decision devastating.

"After you get off 12 hours, what can you do? Go home and go to sleep," Broden told WWJ Newsradio 950's Pat Sweeting. "You can't help your kids with their homework because they're probably in bed, you can't provide dinner because you're too exhausted to try ... (At) 7 p.m. you're thinking about sleeping and 7 a.m. is coming around pretty quick."

Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee said officers will work 44-hour weeks split over 14 days a month. He said the move is in line with what departments across the nation are already doing and some officer are looking forward to the new schedule.

As part of the city's planned $75 million in cuts, Detroit police officers will also see a 10-percent pay cut.

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