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Judge Delays Terance Calhoun's Exoneration After Officer Claims To Have New Evidence

DETROIT (AP) — A judge has put on hold the exoneration of a Detroit man who has been in prison for 15 years for kidnapping and sexual assault crimes that prosecutors now say he didn't commit.

A Wayne County judge told prosecutors and defense lawyers for Terance Calhoun on Friday that a Detroit police officer came to her office earlier in the day with material claiming Calhoun had confessed to attacking two teen girls in 2006. Judge Kelly Ramsey said she did not look at the material but rescheduled Friday's hearing until Wednesday.

The Wayne County prosecutor's office announced Thursday that new evidence had identified another man for the attacks.

The Detroit Police Department said the officer didn't follow proper procedures and that it was "working to rectify the situation."

Relatives of Calhoun, who is now 35, had gathered Friday expecting his release from custody, defense attorney Michael Mittlestat said.

"He is used to being patient. He understands that the process is slow, that he has waited waited 15 years," Mittlestat said. "He, of course, is disappointed. He knew his family was out there waiting for him."

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