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Johnson Defends Putting President's Name On Primary Ballot

DETROIT (WWJ) - Even though Democrats are not participating in next month's Michigan primary, Secretary of state Ruth Johnson is defending a decision to put Barack Obama's name on the ballot.

WWJ's Sandra McNeill reports that Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer says Republicans are playing politics by putting President Obama's name of the primary ballot.

The Democrats are holding their own caucus in May. Those that vote democratic in the primary will not be able to take part in the vote in May.

Johnson says she is just following the law: "The law requires the secretary of state in Michigan to put everyone's name on the ballot - I have to follow the law and I did. The President could have asked to be taken off - we had two other people that would prefer not to be on - but there is a formal process, you ask to be taken off - so by law they did not follow that so I had to put them on."

Johnson says one of the names is Herman Cain, who dropped out the race last year.

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