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Johnson Controls Center Stack Provides Connectivity And More

Johnson Controls Inc. is unveiling is latest product at the 2011 North American International Auto Show -- the Connected Center Stack, which helps drivers connect consumer electronics products and off board applications to their vehicle.

"The Connected Center Stack exemplifies our capabilities in speech recognition, human machine interaction and vehicle-interior integration," said Jeff DeBest, global vice president and general manager of electronics for Johnson Controls Automotive Experience. "Our goal is to create connectivity solutions for matching the vehicle's lifecycle to the fast-changing consumer electronics industry."

The Connected Center Stack provides unique HMI focused on the consumer, along with connectivity to mobile devices and off board devices. This gives consumers convenient and easy access to social, entertainment and location-based features.

The features of the Johnson Controls Connected Center Stack product include:

* Natural language speech recognition;
* Hands-free phone usage – including voice dialing, phone book downloads, phone book image transfer and text/e-mail messaging using text to speech;
* Music playback using USB connectivity or Bluetooth streaming audio for MP3 players, flash devices or mobile phones;
* Ability to access popular phone applications such as Pandora Internet Music;
* Phone HMI replication using Nokia Terminal Mode which enables what is seen on the consumer's mobile phone shown on the in-vehicle display;
* Connectivity to Johnson Controls-developed phone applications, which allows consumers to access vehicle information, update vehicle software and find the vehicle when lost;
* Upgradable architecture for software updates and new software applications; and,
* GPS and location-based services.

Partner relationships also power the stack. For example, QNX technology and real-time operating systems help Johnson Controls to provide customers with scalable infotainment, connectivity and telematics solutions, which range from entry-level Bluetooth Hands-free systems to infotainment systems including connectivity, multimedia and HMI. In addition, Johnson Controls has been working with VoiceBox to develop systems that allow drivers to search, navigate and retrieve information safely while on the move. VoiceBox's natural language speech technology allows consumers to use voice commands that are understood within a conversational context. The company also works with Pandora to enable its service in the vehicle, with accompanying voice controls and visual user interfaces. Pandora is the leader in Internet radio and has more than 75 million registered listeners.

The Connected Center Stack product will be available for integration into 2014 model-year vehicles.

Johnson Controls currently provides connectivity products, testing and customer service on a global basis for a number of major automakers.

Johnson Controls Automotive provides automotive seating, overhead systems, door and instrument panels, and interior electronics. It is based in Plymouth.

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