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Jim Harbaugh Uses Gatorade As A Replacement For Milk With His Cereal [VIDEO]

By: Evan Jankens

Jim Harbaugh is one heck of a football coach. He is also one heck of a character in my opinion.

Harbaugh has been on 'Saved by the Bell' , 'Judge Judy' And 'The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.'. He only wears khakis since it saves him time in the morning. That's something I can understand since I rotate about the same ten t-shirts. talked with Michigan's new tight end coach and Jim's son, Jay Harbaugh and discovered an interesting fact about his father.

Jay tells the story how when he was a kid that his dad took Gatorade and poured it into his cereal when there wasn't any milk in the house.

I'm curious what type of cereal it was. Fruity Pebbles might actually be good with Gatorade.

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