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Jim Bob Cooter For President? Lions Voice Their Support.

By: Will Burchfield

In a presidential race where neither candidate has inspired much confidence, an unlikely figure has surged into view: Jim Bob Cooter.

That's right - the offensive coordinator of the Detroit Lions.

Cooter's campaign manager? Golden Tate.

While driving home on Wednesday, Tate pulled up behind an old beat-up van with the words "Jim Bob Cooter For President" scrawled across the back windows. Amused (and somewhat shocked), he quickly snapped a photo and posted it on Instagram.

Upon seeing the van, Tate admitted his first instinct was to "follow him all the way home and say he has my vote." He settled for a photo instead, and the movement has taken off since.

At the conclusion of Teryl Austin's press conference on Thursday, the defensive coordinator announced "Jim Bob for President!" Cooter, taking Austin's place at the podium, laughed and admitted, "Me, I've got my own problems."

Later, in the Lions locker room, Tate suggested Cooter might have a legitimate chance of winning a few votes.

Would he get Tate's?

"As of now, yeah," Tate said.

Jim Caldwell voiced his support for Cooter as well.

"I think he'd be good. I know he'd get the southern states, that's for sure," Caldwell laughed.

The only problem? Cooter, 32, doesn't meet the age requirement to run for President. One must be 35 years old.

Marvin Jones, sitting in the locker to Tate's left, was disappointed but not dissuaded.

"We'll revisit this in a few years," he smiled.

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