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Jennifer & James Crumbley's Probable Cause Hearing Delayed As Attorneys Need More Time To Review Evidence

(CBS DETROIT)-The probable cause hearing that was supposed to take place Tuesday for the Crumbleys, the parents of the accused Oxford high school shooter did not happen, instead it was delayed till early next year.

You heard them before you saw them.

Jennifer and James Crumbley entered Judge Julie Nicholson's court room at the 52nd District court Tuesday in full prison gear including hand and feet shackles.

This was the couple's first court appearance since their video arraignment December 4. The pair both charged with 4 counts of involuntary manslaughter for their connection to the November 30thshooting at Oxford High School where their 15-year-old son Ethan is accused of killing 4 classmates and injuring several others.

During Tuesday's probable cause hearing Oakland County prosecutor Karen McDonald and defense attorneys agreed on one thing.

"It is unlike any other case and given that we submit that the typical protocols for discovery in the normal time frame for a preliminary examination will not allow accurate time for the prosecution or the defense for that matter, to adequately prepare," said Oakland County prosecutor Karen McDonald.

"We are not objecting to the adjournment in fact we're joining in to the request for the adjournment," said a member of the Crumbley's defense team.

Judge Nicholson agreed to delay the Crumbleys preliminary examination to February 8, 2022 to allow more time for both parties to sort through a massive amount of evidence.

The couple did not show much emotion as McDonald spoke about the large presence of law enforcement needed at the school following the tragic event on November 30.

"Approximately 300 officers responded to the area including representatives from at least 26 agencies at least 11 fire departments responded," McDonald said.

McDonald says most of these agencies provided her office with evidence so sorting through will take time. As well they have several witnesses to interview.

"We were certainly not going to arrange meeting to prepare meetings to prepare for litigation while these children were being buried and this community is trying to heal, the whole county is trying to heal. We don't like asking for more time, but we're going to do this right," said McDonald.

A bond hearing for the pair is set for January 7, in the meantime they will remain at the Oakland County jail, where their son Ethan Crumbley is also housed

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