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Jay Harbaugh Sends Recruiting Note To Four-Star's Girlfriend [PHOTO]

By: Evan Jankens

When Jim Harbaugh took over the Michigan football program, I knew things would change.

I figured the Michigan and Michigan State rivalry would get stronger and everyone would be talking about Harbaugh vs. Dantonio.

But here's something I didn't expect: Little did I know the Harbaughs have some unique recruiting techniques.

Jay Harbaugh (Jim's son) sent a hand-written letter to a recruit; Jim has replicated a prom proposal to a recruit.

Now the recruiting process has taken an even stranger turn as Jay Harbaugh has allegedly written a letter to four-star tight end/defensive end Naseir Upshu's girlfriend.

Upshu posted the photo on his Twitter account.

You will not talk you way into success. Ever. "All speech is vain and empty unless accompanied by action."Have a natural bias to action. Our decisions will equal our destiny.


I hope this note finds you doing great! My name is Jay Harbaugh, I am the tight ends coach at Michigan with the new staff. I have really enjoyed getting to know Pop lately. He speaks VERY highly of you so I'm sure you're very special! Keep him in line! Also we need to get him out here to visit us again and meet the new staff. Put in a good word! Hope to meet you when I'm out in PHI this spring! Go Blue!

This is a first for me and I couldn't imagine how this girl felt getting a recruiting letter for her man. I also hope she likes exclamation points. I guess it has been going on for ages! But it still may be a little awkward!

What do you think, is this out of line?

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