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"It's gotcha day": Adoption Day 2022 brings kids home

"It's gotcha day": Adoption Day 2022 brings kids home
"It's gotcha day": Adoption Day 2022 brings kids home 01:56

(CBS DETROIT)- November 22 marks Adoption Day 2022.

"It is done," said Third Circuit Court Chief Judge Timothy M. Kenny when finalizing Michigan's newest adoption. 

On the 16th floor in the Third Circuit Court of Michigan, 3-year-old Kensington Maleah Monique has a new place to call home.

"It's gotcha day," a very smiley, Kensington said.

Kensington's mother, Monique, is just as happy as her new daughter on this Adoption Day 2022. She says it had been a process, and a long time coming. The pandemic, didn't make it any easier.

"It's easy to love a beautiful child but it's hard to, everyday, look over your shoulder like you know it's anything but the change. You know this is going to, actually you know, become a permanent thing," Monique said.

Kensington is just one of the court finalized 182 adoptions involving foster children as of November 2022.

Michelle Carlton, director of foster care and adoption at the Judson Center, helps families, like the Jackson's, find a permanent home. She says Adoption Day 2022 isn't just a day, it's the whole month of November where organizations like the Judson Center and others in southeast Michigan look to get children into loving homes.

"Every child deserves a family. So we really want to raise awareness of the need for those families that want," says Carlton.

Carlton and Monique both say doing your research is key when it comes to adoption. Monique says there will be challenges in a process like adoption. She adds those bridges are secondary when you look at the bigger picture.

"Focus on your why of life and stability of the life of the child. The unconditional love that you'll feel because you decided to be selfless," Monique said.

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