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Isiah Thomas Believes Bad Boys Would Have Matched Up 'Perfectly' With Warriors [VIDEO]

By: Will Burchfield

TNT had some fun with its NBA coverage on Monday night, turning over the entire broadcast to former players. In the studio, Chris Webber hosted a panel featuring Isiah Thomas, Baron Davis and Chris Bosh.

In due time, the discussion turned to the Golden State Warriors, and soon enough, Webber turned to Thomas.

"Let me ask you this, Zeke. How would you guys have checked them?," Webber said, referring to the Bad Boys Pistons. "I know you could score, I know you all could put them in the mixer and they would have to worry about you just as much offensively, no doubt about it. But how would you guys have checked them?"

Thomas was quick with an answer.

Joe Dumars on Klay Thompson. Dennis Rodman on Kevin Durant. And Thomas himself on reigning MVP Steph Curry. As for Draymond Green?

"He would have had a very difficult time with either (Rick) Mahorn or (John) Salley," Thomas said.

Then he mentioned Bill Laimbeer, Mark Aguirre and Vinnie Johnson.

"So we had some guys that, athletically, would match up in today's game perfectly," Thomas added.

Of all the individual battles, Thomas thinks Rodman versus Durant would have been the best to watch -- a showdown of two supreme athletes.

"I would love to see that," Thomas said with a smile.

Check out the video below for more.

Could the Bad Boys Pistons, in their prime, topple today's juggernaut Warriors?

It's a tough question, one that's largely dependent on setting. If the game were played today, when a wayward glance qualifies as a foul, the Pistons likely wouldn't be able to impose their will on the Warriors. But if it were played back then, when the NBA was a rough-and-tumble league, it's not hard to envision a different result.

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