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Is WWJ Haunted? Paranormal Investigators Present Their Most Unexplained Video

By George Fox - @GeorgeJFox

Could having one of the first and legendary broadcasting names connect WWJ Newsradio 950 to the spirit world? Not according to the results of an investigation conducted by a local group of paranormal experts.

Detroit Paranormal Expeditions offered to visit our Southfield radio studios to see if there is anything going bump in the night -- and we thought "why not?"

So we had a little fun with the paranormal company founders Jeff Adkins and Todd Bonner and let them have a crack at our storied studios. They spent three hours observing the spaces of the massive building which houses 97.1 The Ticket, Detroit's Country 99.5 WYCD, Detroit's Greatest Hits 104.3 WOMC, 98.7 AMP Radio and of course WWJ Newsradio 950.

Did they find anything? "Nothing that we couldn't debunk," said Adkins.

They heard something that sounded like a woman crying outside our Bob Seger conference room, but weren't able to verify the activity beyond doubt.

"Could have been the chairs. We're not 100 percent on that," said Bonner.

"Anytime we go into an investigation you want to keep an open mind, but if there is something that can be explained you don't want to include it as evidence," added Adkins.

They often experience things that they can't otherwise explain. "... we have to use our digital recorders to get the evidence to play it back and review it, but there's times when we get voices out loud and no one is there," said Bonner.

They presented a clip recorded at Madison Seminary in Madison, Ohio where a shadow of an unexpected figure crosses the room.

"There was no one to make that shadow and we can't explain it," said Adkins.

While they may have  come close to declaring CBS Radio's building free of ghosts and goblins, there are plenty of unexplained paranormal activity across metro Detroit. Visit the official site of Detroit Paranormal Expeditions to follow along with their investigations.

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