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IRS Cracks Down: Conducting Home Visits

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) - The Internal Revenue Service is dispatching officers in the streets and they might be coming to give you a visit.

The IRS is making face-to-face contact with high income taxpayers who failed to file returns in 2018 or previous years.

"You've been receiving umm letters, you've received a personal knock on the door and now it's all a matter of compliance," said Aaron Sanders, key financial solutions director of finance and tax.

The random stop at your door applies if you earn $100,000 or more per year with missing returns.

The thought of the IRS knocking at your door can make you feel a little anxious but tax experts say there's nothing to fear because agents will not require payment at the door instead the visit is designed to get your attention to tell you about your status and options.

"The only time you can be really concerned is that you have non-compliance. Even if you owe a lot of money the tax payer bill of rights which came out in 1988, it's been rectified in 1996 and again it's been revised in 2016 gives you an excessive amount of rights that you should not be scared anymore. You have the right to be informed," said Sanders.

IRS visits generally occur after numerous mail attempts failed to resolve the issue.

"And the only thing they're going to do is to tell you to file your return and they're going to give you a deadline. Usually the deadline is between 30-60 days from the date they visit you to tell you that you need to start complying by filing your return for the year," he said.

To avoid scams, look for officers to provide you with two forms of official credentials with serial numbers and a photo.

For further assistance contact an IRS tax payer advocate, attorney or accountant.

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