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Best Inventory & Order Management Software For Small Businesses

Whether your small business is an e-commerce operation or brick-and-mortar store, proper inventory and order management is quintessential. A burgeoning enterprise's ability to accurately track shipments, monitor shrinkage and forecast sales can mean the difference between a company thriving or imploding. The best way to facilitate supply administration is with a quality inventory and order management software program. Below are a few of the more popular inventory software programs, on which you can start your research.


A cloud-based program, Xero offers small businesses an all-in-one inventory management solution. It allows users to monitor a wide range of different product lines and sales channels, including multiple physical locations and an online sales portal. When the software is integrated with a company's point-of-sale system, it can collate accounting, inventory management, and business performance data so administrative workflow runs at peak efficiency. Plus, the software is available in mobile app form, which makes creating expense claims, sending invoices and reconciling billing on the go easy. Xero's cloud subscription software packages start at $9 a month.

inFlow Inventory

Currently used by more than 1 million different small businesses across a host of different industries, inFlow Inventory is a top-tier inventory management program. Billing itself as a complete business operating system, inFlow lets users create branded invoices, tax records, sales reports and purchase orders with minimal effort. Its spreadsheet-free interface makes it easy for users to monitor cash flow levels, profits, and inventory value at a glance. Additionally, it has the capability to let users set up a barcode system that will optimize inventory management. inFlow offers a stripped-down free version of its software, but its regular version is a one-time license fee of $399.


Named as one of the best inventory management software programs for small business by the Huffington Post, Stockpile is a simple but powerful tool for companies that are just getting started. With it, users can set up an inventory database, record sales, take returns, and report damaged goods. Although it lacks forecasting functionality, it does offer users the ability to add an unlimited number of items for an unlimited number of locations, along with backend support. Stockpile software is free, once you create an account on the company's website.

This article was written by Mario McKellop for Small Business Pulse

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