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International Tug-Of-War Centers Around Bragging Rights, Possible Rope Burn

DETROIT (WWJ) - An international tug of war competition over the Detroit River is taking center-stage Friday evening as Detroit Firefighters take on Windsor firefighters for bragging rights -- and quite possibly a serious case of rope burn.

At an undisclosed location, on the city's southwest side, Detroit's bravest prepare using manpower and muscle, Detroit Fire Captain Chris Dixon describes the event to WWJ's Kathryn Larson.

Det Fire Tug Rope (KLarson)Dixon says that two dozen firefighters will pull a thousand foot six-inch wide cable out of the Detroit River.

"It's very heavy, pulling against the undercurrent of the Detroit River," said Dixon.

Across the border -- Windsor firefighters will do the same -- the winner takes home a trophy.10446627_743795979006270_242491516186342337_n

You won't need to spread out a blanket because the tug doesn't last that long -- in about a minute to a minute and half -- one of the teams usually pull up the buoy and win the international challenge Captain Dixon said.

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