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Insequence, Plex Systems Provide Enhanced Supply Chain Management

TROY -- The Troy-based cloud-based manufacturing management software provider Plex Systems Tuesday announced a collaboration with Tennessee-based Insequence Corp., which provides manufacturing and sequencing technology.

The collaboration is intended to improve the process of delivering components to the manufacturing supply chain in an efficient fashion.

Managing the complexity of inventory needed for complex assembly operations is a complicated, critical function. With many products requiring more than 100 individual components, appropriate sequential delivery of parts enables manufacturers to keep inventory to a minimum while ensuring production is uninterrupted.

Plex Systems and Insequence have combined to provide manufacturers with an optimized supply chain designed for maximum throughput and increased operational efficiency.

"Plex Systems and Insequence provide the ideal environment for efficient manufacturing of sophisticated products," said Insequence sales and marketing manager Brent Delk. "We ensure that suppliers ship the right part, in the right order, at the right time. That simplifies a complex process and leads to improved efficiency for manufacturers and their suppliers."

Added Plex vice president of strategy Jim Shepherd: "This strategic partnership provides our community of users with the opportunity to operate more efficiently through Insequence's innovative technology. Our efforts are to continually improve our product to support our customers' mission to optimize production. This relationship is an ideal example of identifying a superior technology solution and integrating it into the Plex Manufacturing Cloud to benefit manufacturers."

Built from the plant floor up, the Plex Manufacturing Cloud enables forward-thinking businesses to increase throughput with existing facilities, squeeze more profits from every order, understand where they are most exposed to risk, respond to customer demand, and keep up with the speed and volume of data on today's plant floor.

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