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Ingham County Clerk Begins Process For Recount Of Ballots

DETROIT (WWJ) - Ingham County Clerk Barb Byrum says while Jill Stein will pay nearly a million dollars for the recount, it will be an "expensive proposition" for her county and every other in the state.

She is planning to hire 50 to 70 people to hand-count 130,000 ballots in her county alone.

Byrum says that Ingham County Board of Canvassers met today and established the pay to be $125 per day - for a 10-11 hour shift.

"In Ingham County, if I pay each worker $125 per meeting and I hire 50 people - that right there is $6250 - just a day and if I feed them, which I absolutely will - they are working 10 -11 hour shift - that's going to be $500 a day, generally, in food."
Byrum expects the recount to last at least six days and cost her county around $45,000; to pay for workers, a sheriff's deputy to oversee the count and incidental expenses like food and supplies.

Michigan has 83 counties and Byrum says that's going to get costly. The recount is expected to begin on Friday.

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