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IDV Solutions Introduces Visual Command Center 2.0

LANSING -- IDV Solutions said Tuesday that it will release Visual Command Center 2.0, a new version of its risk awareness and response software, this October.

The company announced the upcoming release at the ASIS International 2012 conference for security professionals in Philadelphia, Penn.

Visual Command Center helps corporations, public safety agencies, and other organizations identify and evaluate risks, by integrating real-time data about global events with enterprise data stores and security systems in a consolidated view, using an interactive map and timeline.

The upcoming release will include: * Real-time alerts. Visual Command Center monitors global data feeds for natural disasters, severe weather, terrorism, and other potentially dangerous events, and then generates alerts when these events occur near an organization's assets, such as offices, warehouses, or travelling employees. The customizable alerts appear on the map and timeline and are sent via e-mail to designated recipients. * Risk report. This Excel-formatted report summarizes information about people, assets, and operations located near events that trigger alerts. It provides a convenient way to share information about potential threats across the organization. * HTML5 viewer. With support for HTML5, Visual Command Center -- currently available on the iPad -- will work on more mobile devices, giving users access to risk data wherever they are. Tablets, phablets, and other mobile devices running HTML5-supported Android and Windows 8 operating systems are among the devices that will gain access to Visual Command Center. * Twitter connector. This add-on data connector allows organizations to visualize social media activity, and to search tweets for security-related keywords, such as emergency, environment, or violence. * Perspective connector. Integration with Perspective incident reporting software from PPM 2000 lets users visualize Perspective data within Visual Command Center, to help analysts, investigators, and security officers spot patterns and assess risks to their facilities and employees.

"With this release, we enhance the ability of security and operations teams to anticipate and prioritize potential threats to their employees and facilities," said Scott Caulk, IDV vice president of product management. "At the security operations center or in the field, they can use Visual Command Center to stay ahead of events, assess situations, and initiate the appropriate action."

IDV Solutions is a data visualization software company that helps organizations discover opportunity, identify risk, and take action. More at

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