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Hundreds Of Angels' Night Volunteers Help To Curb Fires In The City

DETROIT (WWJ) - When the call for action came, hundreds of Angels' Night volunteers came out in force Thursday evening in Detroit  -- set to patrol their neighborhoods in an effort to prevent arson fires.

Wednesday night, 28 fires were reported in the city -- which is considered a good start to the three-day campaign, compared to years past.

Sean Davis, one of the city's Angels' Night coordinators, spoke with WWJ's Jon Hewett about the concerted effort to curtail fiery crime.

"It was a great turnout, the numbers were down - comparable to last year this time - we are four fires below last year and we are looking forward to getting those numbers down for tonight and tomorrow night as well," said Davis.

Beyond keeping their neighborhoods safe, many volunteers say these three day's are also about protecting Detroit's reputation.

"So many times we see a negative slant on the city, it's unwarranted, it may be a little overdone," said one volunteer. "So, here's another opportunity to see it from another perspective."

Registering volunteers this evening at the Northwest Activities Center on Meyers at Curtis. Some 3,500 citizen volunteers are expected to take part in this year's program.

"When I have people at work say 'devils' night,' I go, 'oh no,' it's angels' night - and I correct them, much to their chagrin," said Alisha Biggers.

Biggers says that the program has brought she and her neighbors closer together.

"If you are in a relationship with each other and people know your area is being watched - you are actually safer. I enjoy it, I love it," she added. "I look forward to it every year."

"The main thing is to make it safe in the city of Detroit and I hope other outside communities are doing the same thing." said Patrick Berchek of Detroit.


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