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Hoffa Disappearance Still A Mystery

DETROIT (WWJ) - Former Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa went to lunch on July 30, 1975 at the Machus Red Fox in Bloomfield Hills ... and was never heard from again.

WWJ's Tim Kiska spoke with one person who has a theory about what happened:

Local author Scott Burnstein believes that Hoffa was making an attempt to regain control of the Teamsters Union following his release from Federal prison in 1971, he says organized crime figures from around the country ordered Hoffa's death to stop that from happening.

As for the bizarre rumors that Hoffa's body was taken across state lines, "The body was done away with, within a half-hour or forty-five minutes of him breathing his last breath, the Detroit organized crime faction had access to numberous sanitation companies, funeral homes, all these locations had compactors and incinerators," said Burnstein.



Burnstein believes that organized crime factions in  Chicago, N.Y. and New Jersery were in on the assumed murder.

Hoffa's disappearance remains a mystery to this day.

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