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Here's A Closer Look At Decorum Policies After Grand Rapids City Commission Meeting Ends Abruptly

(CBS DETROIT) - Here's a closer look at decorum policies after Grand Rapids City Commission meeting abruptly ends due to protests.

At one point one woman got right in the police chief's face.

Grand Rapids Police Chief Eric Winstrom explained what happened after the meeting ended.

"She didn't come up in a threatening way," said  Winstrom. "She stopped about 15 feet away and just wanted to scream at me. And to be honest, I've been in this situation before. Where people want to scream and yell."

Winstrom continued and said, "I just kept telling her because she said you're not listening, they won't let us talk. And I was just sitting there saying, I'm listening. I'll sit here and listen all night."

Official meeting guidelines for Grand Rapids explains that stopping the meeting is allowed.

The mayor, is allowed to limit the number of people giving public comment, at their discretion, if prior speakers have adequately covered the topic. Or they can end public comment all together.

So, regardless of how many people are in line waiting the meeting can end.

The rules, also say, no clapping, no booing, and no addressing the audience.

Basically, appropriate decorum, is essential according to city rules and guidelines.

Members of the public wishing to speak, can't make threats, use threatening or abusive language, or conduct.

This group last night made one thing clear: the rules aren't what they are worried about. They're worried about their message.

"What's important, is that a man was executed on our streets. And you are doing nothing to improve the neighborhood that he was murdered in," said one of the people attending the meeting. "Maybe if y'all had that economic development in the third ward, Patrick Lyoya would still be alive and there wouldn't be such a need for over policing in that neighborhood."

Breaking the rules can result in a misdemeanor charge.

No one was arrested on Tuesday and everyone went home peacefully.

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