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Here Is The Top 'Should I...' Question Searched Online In Michigan In 2021, AT&T Reports

(CBS Detroit) -- "Should I get a dog?"

According to a report from AT&T, that question was the most searched in Michigan and three other states -- Nevada, Kentucky and Missouri -- in 2021. The company recently released the most googled "Should I..." question for every state.

The question, "Should I buy a car?" was the most asked in 13 states and Washington D.C., followed by "Should I buy a house?" in eight states. The company says it looked at the search volume for 13 of the most googled questions for each state in the past year.

Here is a list of the most googled "Should I..." questions:

  • "Should I buy a car?" -- 14 states
  • "Should I buy a house?" -- 8 states
  • "Should I cut my hair?" -- 6 states
  • "Should I dye my hair?" -- 5 states
  • "Should I have a baby?" -- 5 states
  • "Should I get a dog?" -- 4 states
  • "Should I get a tattoo?" -- 4 states
  • "Should I text him?" -- 3 states
  • "Should I go to college?" -- 2 states

Click here to view the question from each state.

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