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Heartfelt Stories Of Graditude From THAW Recipients

DETROIT (WWJ) Many of the people who seek help have never asked for it before. Most have jobs and simply can't make ends meet.

For many families a large, lingering utility can be the first step to financial disaster. Many families who struggle have at least one working adult in the home, but due to wage cutbacks, the money isn't there to meet all the bills.

WWJ's Marie Osborne brings us more about the people and families helped by The Heat And Warmth (THAW) fund.

Thomas' story is like many other's in the area,  Thomas was a successful real estate salesperson until things took a bad financial turn,"It's devastating, to see that you have no options to get it handled, you call them and try to work with them, but it still comes down've got to pay it," Thomas said.

WWJ's Marie Osborne also spoke with Bob, who had raised money for THAW in the past, but now found himself on the receiving side of THAW this year, "I tell you, I hated it, it's embarrassing to be on the other end," he said. 

When THAW paid his families' utility bill in December he said, "It was a lot of weight off your shoulders, worrying, and it's worrying that someone is going to come and shut it off."

To help someone keep their home warm this winter call:  888-579-4950.

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