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Guide To Ann Arbor Restaurant Week

Ann Arbor Restaurant Week

Have you had your eye on a restaurant in Ann Arbor, but you're too timid to check it out? Restaurant Week is the best time to explore.

Ann Arbor Restaurant Week features more than 45 restaurants on a fixed price and fixed menu which makes it affordable to try new things. Plus the chefs bring their "A" game in the hope of wooing new clientele.

Don't like what's on the fixed menu? Don't worry! All the places will allow you to order off the menu for regular prices.

Quick Facts

When: Sunday, January 15 - 20, 2012
Cost: $12 - $25
Also hosted June 10-15, 2012


Started in June of 2009, Ann Arbor Restaurant Week was well received and a winter edition was added. Organizers chose weeks that were typically slow for local restaurants to stimulate business. This January's edition marks the 6th time the city's eateries have hosted the event.

Jolly Pumpkin

What's The Deal?

The event offers diners their choice of a $12 lunch or a $25 three course dinner. Select restaurants offer two for one pricing so explore the list and choose wisely!

$12 Lunch is left up to the restaurant. There may be multiple courses or drinks included.

$25 Dinner will include three courses. Many will have a set menu but some restaurants will offer a selection of dishes for each course.

Any way you slice it -- this event is a fun opportunity to get a deal at one of your favorite establishments or broaden your horizons with one of the many diverse cuisines.

For a complete list of participating restaurants and menu descriptions visit


Best Of

Some of our favorites on the list of participating restaurants as featured in Best Of Detroit include vegetarian experts Seva; Jolly Pumpkin, known for their savory rosemary fries and micro-brews and Real Seafood.

Another place we're excited to see on the list is upscale Asian fusion martini bar The Black Pearl.

Public Parking Ann Arbor

Know Before You Go

Make reservations early! You won't want to be caught without a seat!

Coming & Going

Give yourself extra time. If you're not familiar with Ann Arbor, getting around the city and finding a parking space is always challenging. There are many public lots in the area. Bring your parking ticket with you. Many business will validate. Here's more Ann Arbor parking info than you can shake a stick at.

Show Your Gratitude

Don't forget to leave an appropriate tip for your servers. Consider the amount of the menu price for items, not the discounted rate when calculating your gratuity.

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