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Group Says Signatures To Recall Troy Mayor Nearing Goal

TROY (WWJ) - Petition organizers gathered Monday night in Troy ahead of a council meeting to discuss the progress on collecting signatures in a campaign to recall Mayor Janice Daniels.

Ninety-two percent of the nearly 8,000 required signatures are said to have been received by the group called "Recall Janice Daniels".

John Kulesz (MCampbell)
John Kulesz (WWJ: Mike Campbell)

John Kulesz who is with the recall group, which says they have nearly all of the signatures they need to force a recall election of the controversial Mayor next November.

"Our first reason is that she refused to take an oath to city charter and she called it 'whimsical', I think that indicates a serious misunderstanding of how city government works," said Kulesz. " Our second reason refers back to her famous Facebook slur from last year that made national news, she told high school kids that she believes the homosexual lifestyle is dangerous."

The recall effort also focuses on the mayor's rejection of an $8.4 million federal grant for the construction of a new transit center. Earlier, Daniels garnered national attention when she used the word "queers" in a Facebook posting.

The group must submit the signatures by June 15.

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