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GPX Software Announces the Launch of Xambrosius Business Intelligence Tools

ANN ARBOR -- GPX Software LLC announced last week the launch of Xambrosius Business Intelligence tools. This software-as-a-service product provides pre-programmed, menu driven, cloud based financial planning and analytics.

Xambrosius, named for King Arthur's soothsayer; Merlin (Ambrosius) is designed and priced specifically for the needs of accountants, consultants, and bankers servicing the small business sector.

To streamline the development of financial plans and associated business analytics, Xambrosius provides and includes: menu driven, pre-programmed plug-and-play models, web data mining of salary and business comparable information.

Xambrosius provides affordable, time-saving, integrated BI tools for accountants, consultants, bankers, and small business managers to predict and stress test, future business assumptions with forecasted balance sheets, income statements, statements of cash flows, and the assumptions used to develop the forecasts, all measured against 16,000 private company comparables.

After extensive usability testing, Xambrosius is now available to the public.

GPX Software also thanked its partner companies, notably Ann Arbor State Bank of Ann Arbor, which is endorsing the use of Xambrosius.

Xambrosius is available directly through or via our partnership with ( ./

GPX Software is a supplier of business intelligence tools designed for small businesses. Founded in 2009, GPX's mission for Xambrosius is to enable small businesses to leverage their existing infrastructure and achieve organizational efficiency through the powerful combination of analysis, insight and collaboration.

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