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GOP Debate A Saturday Night Live Sketch?

By: Sara

It looks like a Saturday Night Live sketch, but the Idaho GOP gubernatorial debate you are about to see was the real thing. One candidate summed it up as the debate between "a cowboy, a biker, a curmudgeon, and a normal guy", and it was spectacularly bad. The two superstars were Harley Brown (the biker) and Walt Bayes (the curmudgeon/old man Withers from Scooby Doo). These two gentlemen took a small debate and turned it into a circus of the bizarre. At certain points, Harley looked like he was ready to kill a man with his bare hands, while Walt and his world class beard seemed to forget that this wasn't just a bitch fest to his buddies at the hardware store.

2014 Idaho GOP Governor Primary Debate Highlights by Austin Kirch on YouTube

You know you have a winner on your hands when Harley Brown starts out the debate with the story of how God told him he would become president, and then ends with, "Don't think I'm crazy...because I'm not."

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