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GOP Committeeman Under Fire Over Anti-Gay Facebook Post

LANSING (WWJ) - A group of young Republican activists are calling for the resignation of Michigan's Republican National Committeeman over a controversial Facebook post concerning gays and lesbians.

Dave Agema on Wednesday posted a link to an article that blamed homosexuals for promiscuity, substance abuse and child molestation.

In the article, author Frank Joseph states that "part of the homosexual agenda is to get the public to affirm their filthy lifestyle," and makes aggressive accusations against the LBGT community:

"Because homosexuals can't reproduce naturally, they resort to recruiting children," Joseph writes. "Homosexuals can be heard chanting 'TEN PERCENT IS NOT ENOUGH, RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT' in their homosexual parades."

WWJ Newsradio 950 spoke with Republican precinct delegate Dennis Lennox, one of 21 GOP activists calling on Agema to step down.

"He has lost the confidence of many grassroots Republicans, many of whom supported him in his past leadership campaign for his despicable, deplorable, reprehensible, and undependable comments," said Lennox.

"The type of people who elected Dave Agema -- they were his supporters  many of them -- and they're offended," Lennox said. "And if you've offended your own party, I shudder to think what the undecided, independent voters are thinking after hearing his irreparable comments."

Agema has said the article posted on his Facebook page didn't reflect his personal views -- but said it was still worth sharing on the same day the Supreme Court heard arguments about the constitutionality of gay marriage.  Agema said he strongly maintains his position in support of marriage as being between a man and a woman.

In an email to supporters, Agema called calls for his resignation a "joke."

WWJ has a call out to Agema for comment.

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