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Golfer Paige Spiranac Works Sex Appeal As She Approaches The Ball [VIDEO]

By: Evan Jankens

Though football is my favorite sport and I am a die-hard Michigan State fan, I'm not overjoyed that fall is upon us because it also means the golf season in Michigan is just about over.


But we are lucky that with social media we can live vicariously through others who live in warm weather states.

Paige Spiranac has made quite the name for herself since she burst onto the scene in July 2015. Since then you have seen her everywhere -- from trying to qualify for the LPGA to Golf Digest to endless photos on her Instagram, which now has over 770,000 followers.

She posted a video Tuesday of her pre-shot routine and it might be the sexiest thing you will see this week.

It starts off with the toss of grass into the air to see which way the breeze is blowing in a sexy way, a hair flip, she then approaches the ball with a model-esque walk, swaying her hips back and forth.

She finished it up with her famous waggle, hits the ball and struts away as if she were Jessica Rabbit. Spiranac tagged the photo with the hashtags #modelorgolfer #fairwayismyrunway #totallynotoversexualizingmyself #THISISAJOKE.

Even though it's only a joke by Paige, it might be the best joke of all-time! Please, please try to make us laugh some more.

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