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Golf Course Drone Delivers Cigars To Your Hole [VIDEO]

By: Evan Jankens

This very well could be the coolest addition ever to a golf course.

Having said that, judging from the video it also just might be a pipe dream. The course doesn't look the classiest and the guys are wearing jeans -- Two facts that kind of make me think it's far-fetched for this particular thing to be happening at this particular course.

Whether it's real or not, a YouTube video shows a drone that will deliver cigars right to your hole. This really could be a great advancement for public courses.

Just think of the possibilities with a drone on the course. In my case I would want an iced tea delivered to me every fourth hole. Most men would prefer beer. You would think if they would deliver cigars ... why not adult beverages as well?

The only problem with the drone is it could eventually get rid of the cute cart girl.

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