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Gold Medal Gymnast Fights Teen Violence

By Greg Bowman

DETROIT (WWJ) - It's a shocking statistic: One in three teens are the victims of dating violence or abuse. That's why Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast and Michigan native Jordyn Wieber is teaming up with Mary Kay's "Don't Look Away" campaign to help stop teen dating violence.

"If they ever come across a problem, they might not feel comfortable talking to their parents or adults about this," said Wieber. "So that's why Mary Kay is the sponsor of this first-ever text for help campaign to prevent this type of abuse.

So all teens have to is pick up their phones and text "love is" to 77054, and they can talk to a trained peer advocate who can provide support for them."

Wieber told WWJ that this problem goes much further than just physical abuse.

"It's things like extreme jealousy, or constantly putting you down, or your partner checking your phone without your permission. It's even little things like that, that many people are not aware of," she said.

Why did Wieber want to be part of this campaign?

"I feel very strongly about because I have two sisters of my own. And I have fans and friends and teammates. So if I can prevent even one person from having to go through this, then I would love to do that," Wieber said.

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