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After Bad Ref Call, Glover Quin Says It's 'Detroit Vs. Everybody'

By: Evan Jankens

Even though Detroit Lions' head coach Jim Caldwell said his players won't talk about Batgate, that didn't stop the Lions safety Glover Quin from talking about the issue most infuriating to fans about, well, Batgate.

The issue is this: Why does Detroit seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to referee calls?

"You do feel like, when you look back at what happened in Dallas and you look back at this you feel like 'Man, why does this always happen to Detroit, why do they treat us like this? Like I said, we have to make sure we are blowing teams out so those little calls don't even effect it like, we gotta start beating people by 30-40 points."

When asked why he did think Detroit was getting treated like that, Quin responded, "I don't know, Detroit vs. everybody."

I love the fact that anyone, who isn't from here and is paid to be here would support the city of Detroit.

So, is that the issue, is it really -- literally -- Detroit vs. everybody?


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